Science Online (SO): Inspired

14th October 2020 | 8:30AM - 4:00PM EDT | 1:30PM - 9:00PM GMT
Presented by Labster: Science Online (SO): Inspired was a free 1-day virtual conference to empower science educators looking to improve STEM learning in the age of Covid-19 and beyond.
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Science educators are facing a new reality. Since Covid-19 forced instruction online in spring 2020, the educator community is facing big, fundamental questions about the approach we take to STEM education moving forward. From improvising with course packet printouts and cameras pointed at the whiteboard to adopting new technologies like virtual labs, science educators are pioneering solutions to help students succeed in a rapidly changing learning environment-- and prepare for 21st century STEM occupations.


Join this community of science educators, administrators, and thought leaders to exchange stories, tips, and best practices that will help us inspire the next generation of scientists. Participants will have an opportunity to attend sessions hosted by a range of their peers, as well as to learn more about Labster’s virtual lab simulations and how to implement them in their high school or higher education science courses.